Tournament Dates for 2019-2020 Travel Teams

14s Tournament Dates

  1. Saturday 1/11

  2. Saturday 1/25

  3. Saturday or Sunday 2/22 or 23 (based on division)

  4. Saturday or Sunday 3/21 or 22 (based on division)

  5. Saturday 4/25

  6. Saturday-Sunday 5/23-24

16s Tournament Dates

  1. Saturday-Sunday 1/19-20

  2. Sunday 3/1

  3. Saturday 4/18

  4. Sunday 5/3

  5. Saturday-Sunday 6/6-7

Tournaments for Non Travel Dates TBA

Tournament Info/Reminder

Specific Times to be Announced

Now that we are beginning to compete in tournaments, here is a reminder regarding tournament sites/info:

With a region that covers a huge geographic spread and with teams numbering close to if not more than 1,000 per age division, sometimes teams drop out at the last minute, and/or sites are lost at the last minute.  The impact of either case causes a number of issues for SCVA and can impact where and what time we play.  We get the preliminary information usually the weekend before the scheduled tournament date.  However, we don't get final confirmation until Wednesday or Thursday.  Please exercise caution if you are going to get a hotel.  In our experience you can still get hotels near the confirmed playing site as late as Friday morning on any one of the search sites, ie, Priceline, Trivago, etc.

Players be on site, fully prepared to play 45 minutes before the tournament start time.  Please have food/lunch/water with you before the tournament. 

Players are not allowed to leave the site until play and officiating responsibilities are finished and the coach has released them.

Tournament play is round robin pool play.  Matches are best of 3 sets to 25 points, deciding set is to 15 points.  We are also required to officiate at least 1, possibly 2 matches depending on the schedule.  All players are needed to officiate each assignment.

SCVA Tournament Site Rules

These apply to EVERYONE, no exceptions:

These rules are adopted at the request of the schools we use for our tournaments. If we do not abide by THEIR standards for rental, we are in jeopardy of losing these valuable gym sites!

1. There are NO ANIMALS of any kind at SCVA tournaments! Any team that brings an animal will be asked to leave and will forfeit all matches and points for that day!

2. All food, beverages, coolers and beach chairs must remain outside the BUILDING (this includes hallways, foyers, etc.);

3. All personal belongings especially valuables should be kept with you at all times;

4. Squeeze bottles (push/pull tops only) must be filled only with water. No Gatorade, etc. will be allowed in the gym;

5. Eating areas and lounging areas MUST be free of all litter during the day.

The SCVA would like to ask that spectators, who also include videographers, do not change sides during the third set, when the athletes change sides at 8.  There have been too many delays of matches waiting for spectators to clear the playing area and getting re-seated.  If parents opt to change sides, and cause a delay, official may issue a delay of game yellow card to the team.  If the team had previously received a yellow card in the match, then this delay will result in a penalty point.


Automatic clean-up duty for all members of the ENTIRE CLUB present at that site. All clean-up duty will be done immediately following the final match on the same day. The second offense will be disqualification from the next mandatory tournament.

Let's not be one of those people or teams that think they are above the rules!!!