History of Ocean’s Elite

The Ocean’s Elite Volleyball Club was founded in 2007 at the urging of a few athletes and their families. These athletes and families wanted an environment where the athletes could grow as individuals in the sport of volleyball and at the same time enjoy the successes of their teammates and team.

There was only 1 team in the first year and was on an invitation only basis. The goals of the club were met with resounding success in the first year. The team and individual players did well, enhanced their skills and returned to their respective schools better players and leaders.

Now in our 11th year, Ocean’s Elite continues to service both players and their families. Our players have continued to return to their respective schools High school & Junior/Middle schools) and made significant impact with their volleyball programs, helping to elevate the success of those programs, as well as earning individual post season honors. In addition, several of our players have gone on to compete at the collegiate level.